The Song Dynasty Ru Kiln Plate Mouth Bottle

发表时间:2015-11-20 18:01

The Song Dynasty Ru Kiln Plate Mouth Bottle

YunRuiXiang Culture cost 68million yuan to take back the porcelain of the Song Dynasty is consistent withthe Imperial Palace of Taipei, but unfortunately, the Ru Kiln bottle ofImperial Palace of Taipei has been incomplete because of the lace of platemouth.

Ru Kiln, oneof the famous arts and crafts of traditional Chinese porcelain, the Chineseporcelain’s main representative of the Northern Song Dynasty, head of the fivefamous Kilns, produced in Ruzhou. Ru porcelain ranked first of the famous kilnsin the Song Dynasty, “Ru, Guan, Ge, Jun, Ding,” in the history of Chinese porcelainknown as “the top of all kind of Kilns.” The  culture of Ru porcelain is an important part of the Song Dynasty’sculture. With its superb technology, beautiful shape, glazed smooth and delicate,sober and elegant style remains charming and unique, in the history of Celadondevelopment, is an important symbol of an epoch. Ru ceramics model simplegenerosity, the precious agate glaze, unique color, the “Glaze ancient agatelegend” praises. With the light changes, watching his glaze, like “special sky-green Ru porcelain”, “the color of emerald mountains,moist and opaque”, thewonderful, nourish the soil, such as Dong whose body the glaze thick as chimesound, bright but not harsh.The surface of the porcelain pattern fine slitting,with characteristic of “pear peel, crab claw, sesame’s flower,” known to theworld as “like jade, not jade, and better then jade”. Since from the Song,Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasty, Ru porcelain used and stored in Palace, treated asthe treasure, known for “a piece of Ru porcelain better then owned huge ofproperty.”

Accordingto statistics, only 67 to 68 pieces of Ru kilns on the world.